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For nearly 20 years, Tanami 4WD and Commercial has been manufacturing high end light weight aluminium drawer systems. Born in Dromana, Victoria in 1999 when the only 2 drawer manufacturers in Australia were BlackWidow and Outback, We decided to make a drawer system that was a light weight alternative. we currently have 23 years of experience in the 4x4 industry, we are constantly looking for ways to cut weight! and that is where we pride our products. we use high quality Australian made aluminium for our systems and a custom extrusion and locally sourced rollers for out drawers that you won't find in any other system! this is what makes us different from the rest! to this day we get drawer systems coming in from 20 years ago that we customised and fit into the customers new vehicle, our systems do truly last


Our drawer systems are one of few in Australia that offer a life time warranty, specializing in custom fit-outs for all types of vehicles. if you need that extra mm of drawer width we promise you will get it! 


We pride ourselves in quality workmanship and customer service to deliver you a high standard product that will withstand anything you throw at it.

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